Roof Restoration Brisbane

Roof Restoration Brisbane :

Roof Restoration Brisbane – surfaces represent 20-25% of the built environment and act as “Solar Radiators” so much so that around 93% of a building’s HEAT GAIN can be attributed to radiant energy (meaning the sun’s rays converted to heat after absorption).

Roof Restoration Brisbane and Gold Coast. In Australia, where the prominent source of a buildings heat gain is Radiant Sunlight and up to 93% of a buildings heat gain in summer is attributable to radiant heat. Reflective COOL Roofs should be a key focus in combating heat gain.

A Cost Saving Sustainable Solution for Residential and Body Corporate and Commercial Facilities :
Sustainable building design and energy efficient living leads to environmentally responsible economic growth. Cool Roofs offer us one of our most simple and effective Global Warming mitigation strategies.

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